things to do in gastonia, nc

Get to know Gastonia, NC

Gastonia is the second-largest Satellite city in the Charlotte area but maintains its charming small-town feel. Located in the southern part of North Carolina, about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte, verdant and refreshing natural landscapes surround Gastonia. The downtown boasts all the modern conveniences while preserving the city’s treasured historical elements. There are a million things to do in Gastonia, NC. This town is a joy to serve!

History of Gastonia

Learn about history of gastonia, nc

Gastonia has grown from a population of approximately 200 back in 1877.  Now the city boasts 77,000+ residents. Here’s why the city has thrived for generations.

By 1910, Gastonia was in its prime economic growth; with 11 steam-powered cotton mills, it was considered the combined-yarn capital of the world! Gastonia was also a center for trade, because The Atlanta & Charlotte Air Line Railway and Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad ran directly through the heart of the city.

When Gastonia became the Gaston County seat in 1911, the courthouse, offices, and jails were transferred to Gastonia’s downtown, further developing foot traffic. Within a few decades, Gastonia rapidly became the powerhouse of textile manufacturing and governance due to its strategic location of the city and its role as the county seat.

Things to Do

things to do in gastonia, NC

Gastonia is a small city connected to the Charlotte metropolitan area. It sits at the southern part of Charlotte where the suburb and city life coexists.

Enjoy a day in Gastonia, NC by taking advantage of the colorful and refreshing landscapes of Crowders Mountain State Park. Dive into the cuisine scene at Sprouts Cafe and Spindle City Cafe. Or take a trip through time and space with the whole family at The Schiele Museum of Natural History and Planetarium. Learn more and stay up to date on happenings, and things to do in Gastonia, NC on the city’s official website.  

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