Gastonia is the second-largest satellite city of the Charlotte area, from a population of approximately 200 back in 1877, it’s now home to 75,138 residents. As one of the dental care providers in Gastonia, Bass Dentistry is proud to share the long history of the industrial progress and economic development of the city throughout the years.

The county seat and economic engine of Gaston county

Gastonia was incorporated as a town in 1877 and one of the oldest incorporated cities in Gaston county after the Reconstruction era. Due to its geographical advantage and flourishing cotton mill industry, Gastonia was elected as the county seat of Gaston county in 1911.

The development of the railroad tracks of the Atlanta & Charlotte Air Line Railway and Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad at the heart of the city was one of the factors that drove the industrial and economic development in Gastonia. 
Combined yarn in Gastonia, NC

Combined-yarn capital of the world

By 1910, Gastonia was in its prime economic growth with 11 steam-powered cotton mills and was considered the combined-yarn capital of the world. The trade was made easier through the convenient access point through the railways that traveled through the town. 

When Gastonia became the county seat, the courthouse, offices, and jails were transferred to its downtown and further developed the foot traffic in the area. It rapidly became the powerhouse of textile manufacturing and governance due to its strategic location of the city and its role as the county seat.

Gastonia as part of the Charlotte metropolitan area

Today Gastonia remains a sparse suburban city located 25-minutes away from Charlotte. It is considered by the Metropolitan Statistical Area as part of the Charlotte-Rock HIll-Gastonia metropolitan area and continues to grow every year. 

Being the 13th most populous city across the state, most residents find a work-life balance vibe in Gastonia. There’s a wide array of business and work opportunities across different sectors for young professionals. At the same time, many families choose to settle in the area as it has all the essential businesses you’ll need in everyday life. 

Things to do in Gastonia, NC

There are a lot of great places to visit in Gastonia, ranging from natural parks to educational museums. You may visit the Schiele Museum of Natural History & Planetarium to help make learning fun and interactive for your kids. 

Another set of fun things to do in Gastonia are hiking activities at Crowders mountain state park and precision training activities at the batting cages of Adventure Landing. Not to mention the abundance of restaurants and pubs that will suit every type of diet and cuisine of the visitors and the Gastonia community.  

Visit Gastonia, NC

Experience the blended life between the bustling city and the suburb vibe at the heart of Gastonia. Either you’re with your family or friends or a modern wanderer, add this beautiful town to your bucket list and see its charm in real-time. Our community is excited to see you around the city!