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Dental Health Facts

Why Is My Tooth Sensitive?

Thinning enamel, exposed roots, and more can cause tooth sensitivity. Learn about why your tooth might be sensitive and how we can help.

Root Canal
Dental Health Facts

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

What is a root canal procedure and when do you need one? A root canal removes pulp and saves your tooth when bacteria cause infection inside.

Oral health and mental health
Dental Health Facts

The Connection Between Mental and Oral Health

Mental health and oral health are more connected than most people realize. Find out why and how you can maintain your teeth when struggling with mental health.

vitamins and minerals
Dental Health Facts

Important Vitamins for Healthy Teeth

Vitamins and minerals are just as crucial for your tooth health as they are for the health of your body. But which ones are the most important?

featured genetics and teeth
Dental Health Facts

Is Tooth Health Genetic or Dietary?

Is your tooth health genetic or dietary? The answer could be both! Learn more about the causes of and treatments for some common dental health issues.

health issues caused by bad oral health
Dental Health Facts

4 Health Issues Related to Bad Oral Health

It might surprise you to learn that bad oral hygiene can have negative impacts on your overall health. Learn more about four health issues related to bad oral health.

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