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Dental Health Facts

Why Is My Tooth Sensitive?

Thinning enamel, exposed roots, and more can cause tooth sensitivity. Learn about why your tooth might be sensitive and how we can help.

Root Canal
Dental Health Facts

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

What is a root canal procedure and when do you need one? A root canal removes pulp and saves your tooth when bacteria cause infection inside.

Tooth with magnifying glass looking at a smaller tooth
Dental Health Facts

What Are Early Signs of Oral Cancer?

Learn to recognize some of the early signs of oral cancer and how your dentist can help with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Dental Health Facts

4 Tips to Banish Bad Breath

Bad breath happens to the best of us. Here are four tips to help you stay fresh!

Oral health and mental health
Dental Health Facts

The Connection Between Mental and Oral Health

Mental health and oral health are more connected than most people realize. Find out why and how you can maintain your teeth when struggling with mental health.

Cartoon illustration of a tooth wearing round classes. The tooth is reading a long list that is labeled "Cleaning."
Dental Health Facts

Routine vs. Deep Dental Cleaning

Routine cleaning or deep dental cleaning? Learn the difference and find out which type of cleaning is the right one for you.

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