We are in the last quarter of the year when most annual insurance plans like dental benefits are about to expire. The on-going pandemic has snatched opportunities for the majority of us to maximize our dental benefits. 

With the year-end fast approaching and most dental practices opening back up, using your dental benefits now can keep you from wasting opportunities to save from dental costs

Dental benefits plan: What’s in it for you?

Your dental benefits plan is a health investment that not most of us are given a chance to have. The global economic crisis due to the pandemic has affected most of us, and your dental benefits plan can serve as an umbrella that will secure your continuous access to dental care. 

If you haven’t used your dental benefits plan for this year, learning about the common benefit policies can prevent you from paying unplanned out-of-pocket costs and stay afloat in your finances. 

DPPO and DHMO Insurance plans

Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO) and Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMO) are two types of dental benefits plans that have different policies of their own. DHMO is an insurance plan where the coverage only applies to its network of dental care providers.

DPPO, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to consult both dental professionals within their network and out-of-network dental care providers. While these two types of dental benefits plan differ in structure, every insurance company also has their own set of policies. So, ask about your dental benefit policies before scheduling an appointment with your dentist.

Dental benefits plan policies to look out for

Before going to your family dentist, here are some of the common dental benefit policies you must know:

  • The annual maximum for a dental benefits plan is approximately $1000-$1500.
  • Dental benefits are usually in the 100/80/50 coverage structure. The breakdown is as follows:
    • 100% coverage on preventive treatments (cleaning)
    • 80% coverage on minor procedures (root canals)
    • 50% coverage on major dental procedures (bridges) 

*The rest of the dental cost will be in copayment terms or out-of-pocket share of the patient. 

  • Some PPO plans may require you to pay for the dental treatment and file a claim to reimburse the costs.
  • Some insurance companies have frequency limitation policies wherein the coverage only applies for a dental treatment every three to six months.  
  • Cosmetic dental procedures are usually not a part of the plan coverage, but some companies may include them. (Verify a cosmetic procedure first with your insurance provider if it’s covered by your plan.)

Make the most out of your dental benefits plan now

You’ll realize how much of a financial relief dental benefits are when you try to imagine paying everything in cash. Bass Dentistry aims not only for patients to maximize their dental benefits but also to encourage them to receive dental care and maintain good oral health. Bass Dentistry offers comprehensive dental treatments in Gastonia and provides the following financing options:

PPO Insurance plans

We accept patients with PPO insurance plans and one of the in-network dental providers of Delta Dental

Bass Dentistry membership plans

If you don’t have a dental benefit plan to cover your dental treatments, we offer a membership plan where you can save 5% off on family plansLet us help you maintain good oral health by scheduling an appointment now or contact us at 704-864-9949 to learn more about our financing options.