4 Ways Our Intraoral Scanner Benefits You

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Making Dental Impressions a Snap with the iTero 3D Scanner

At Bass Dentistry, we know that keeping up with the latest dental technology benefits our patients. It allows us to provide better care and makes providing that care more efficient and more comfortable. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new piece of cutting-edge equipment to our office. Whether you need Invisalign, dental crowns, implants, or another restorative procedure, this technology will make getting dental impressions a breeze. Say hello to the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner!

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What is an intraoral scanner

The word intraoral means on the inside (“intra-“) of the mouth (“oral”). An intraoral scanner is a great device that lets us create accurate 3D impressions of your whole mouth. Unlike a standard dental impression that involves pressing your teeth into a tray filled with dental putty, intraoral scanner impressions are fully digital. No tray or putty is needed — and it only takes a few minutes! The digital scan allows us to efficiently evaluate tooth surface wear, overbites, overcrowding issues, tooth fractures, deteriorating restorative work, inflammation, gum health, and more.

Some procedures, like denture impressions or comprehensive esthetics consults, may still require traditional dental impressions. If you’re a new patient at Bass Dentistry, you’ll most likely receive a complimentary intraoral scan so that we can all better understand your bite and the condition of your teeth. Returning patients who need nightguards or Invisalign or who plan to have dental crowns, implants, or other restorative procedures will also benefit from this 3D scanner technology.

Illustration of a tooth surrounded by dots and lines to represent an intraoral scanner at work

How Does the iTero 3D Scanner Work?

Usually, you don’t get to see the inside of your mouth. But the intraoral scanner changes that! It allows us to show you an accurate 3D tour of your mouth. The iTero comprises a computer, a small wand, and advanced software. The wand — the equivalent of a sophisticated handheld camera — emits a radiation-free laser. Your dentist or dental assistant uses the wand to scan your entire mouth, taking pictures to produce a perfectly accurate 3D impression. The scanner captures images of hard and soft tissues, revealing the condition of your teeth, gums, and other soft oral tissues. The image appears on a screen in your exam room, allowing you and your dentist to discuss the results in real time.

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WHat are the advantages of using an intraoral scanner?

Patients of all ages will benefit from having access to our new intraoral scanner technology. The iTero will make impressions faster, more accurate, and less invasive. We love that, and we hope you will, too! Additional advantages of working with the iTero include the following:

  • Comfort: Standard impressions rely on a tray filled with goopy dental putty. The putty’s smell, taste, texture, and time to form the impression can trigger your gag reflex. Patients with sensitive teeth may be particularly uncomfortable with the traditional method. The intraoral scanner eliminates the goop and the discomfort.
  • Accuracy and Immediacy: The iTero produces real-time, spot-on 3D color images. If the scan has an error, your dental assistant can instantly correct it with a quick re-scan. Because all scan images are saved, your dentist can refer back to them at any time to track treatment progression.
  • Patient-friendly: Because a digital image of your scan appears on a screen in real-time, your dental professional can show you what’s happening with your teeth instead of just telling you. Accurate images can make it easier to understand your dental health and make critical care decisions accordingly.
  • Connection: Images from the intraoral scanner can be sent directly to the lab. That means they can begin the fabrication of a crown or implant immediately, making the turnaround time for your procedure faster.

Healthy Gums,
Healthy Life

Your dental impressions will be a breeze with iTero. We can’t wait to provide you with comfortable, accurate imaging and excellent dental care. Your oral health is essential; we’re here to make dental care more delightful. Book an appointment online or call us at 704.864.9949 to learn more about our intraoral scanner.

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