Digital Dentures vs Traditional Techniques: Key Considerations

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What’s a Modern Alternative to Traditional Dentures?

Are you considering getting dentures soon? While traditional methods have always been beneficial, there might be a better, more modern option. 

If you’ve never heard of digital dentures, prepare for a new alternative to the traditional time-intensive process.

Dental technology has improved, making the denture process easier for dentists and patients with digital workflows. At Bass Dentistry, we stay up-to-date with the latest technology, so we proudly offer this service to our patients. Next, we’ll share the top 3 things you need to know before you book an appointment to get artificial teeth.

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Why Should You Get Digital Dentures?

If you’ve ever had to get fitted for dentures, you know what a hassle it is. Old-fashioned methods are inconvenient and require many trips to the dentist for impressions and fittings that may not go as planned. 

With digital dentures the process is streamlined and more accurate. At Bass Dentistry, we utilize the iTero 3D scanner to obtain 3D models of your jaws and your bite, saving you time by requiring fewer visits and unnecessary pain from potentially ill-fitting oral devices. 

It might sound complicated, but we promise it’s not. We’ve optimized the tedious five-step process and transformed it into fewer visits with more accurate results, eliminating the need for impressions and impression material.

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Precision & Customization: A Better Fit For Your Smile

The data we retrieve from scans allows us to create a digital design that matches the patient’s oral anatomy, making them highly comfortable and functional. No more frequent visits to the dentist for adjustment—our digitized process leaves conventional dentures in the dust. 
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Don’t Wait Longer For Your Perfect Smile

What’s one of the most significant advantages of digital dentures? Reduced production times. 

Traditional methods take several weeks, involving multiple dental visits for fittings and adjustments. With digital technology, the design and manufacturing process is streamlined, saving you weeks compared to conventional methods. 

In many cases, patients can receive their orders much quicker than traditional ones, sometimes in as little as a week, which helps them access healthy, beautiful smiles quickly.

Are They Durable & Aesthetic?

Absolutely! They’re made from high-quality materials, often better mimicking the appearance of natural teeth and gums, resulting in a more natural-looking smile. Also, because the creation process is highly controlled and precise, digital dentures tend to be more robust and less likely to fracture than their traditional counterparts.

Digital Records

Sometimes the worst happens and patients’ dentures are lost or accidentally destroyed (think – “my dog ate my homework!”). With digital dentures, there is a record of the original denture which can be re-fabricated without being started over from scratch!  This is a huge advantage over traditional techniques which would require the entire process to be repeated.

Let's Get Digitized!

Technology continues to improve our lives for the better, even in dentistry and denture customization. 

Are you ready to investigate digital dentures with Bass Dentistry for a healthy and aesthetic smile? We’re here to help you achieve optimal oral health through access to the latest technologies, so schedule your appointment to get started!

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