The Advantages of Digital Dentistry

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Enhancing Conventional Methods with Dental Technology

Dentistry is one of the oldest medical professions, dating back about 9,000 years. We’ve learned a lot in that time (No, “tooth worms” do not cause cavities! Yes, fluoride strengthens tooth enamel!), and we’re still making dental health innovations today. Digital dentistry, a concept that once seemed futuristic, has become standard practice industry-wide. The best part? Using new technologies to enhance conventional dentistry methods means our patients receive better, more thorough care in less time.

A patient receiving an intraoral scan as part of their digital dentistry examination

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is a broad term for any digital or computer-based technology used to examine, diagnose, and treat your dental health issues. It covers everything from digital radiography that replaces traditional X-rays and oral cancer screening tools to intraoral scanners and dental office information management software. These digital dentistry tools can help make patient experiences more comfortable while increasing the efficacy of diagnosis and treatment.

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Intraoral Scanners and Dental Impressions

Our newest digital dentistry technology allows us to give you a 3D tour of the inside of your mouth. The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner produces accurate and immediate images of your teeth and gums, easily visualizing your bite and the condition of your teeth. Even better, iTero replaces the need for conventional dental impressions. That means faster results without dental putty’s taste, smell, and uncomfortable goopy feeling. An intraoral scan is less invasive than other procedures, provides more precise images, and makes it easier for your dentist to assess your treatment needs.

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Advanced Treatment Plans

Digital dentistry can help speed up diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages. Because our computer-based technology is connected directly to the dental lab, fabrication for crowns, implant restorations, and other appliances can begin right away — no need for long waiting periods. 

Advances in digital dentistry have expanded to 3D printing and milling as well. It’s now possible to print a custom prosthetic component from scratch or mill a solid material crown rather than casting or painting porcelain. Further, digital implant surgery uses 3D tech to check the bone condition in your jaw and your nerve positioning, allowing your dentist to minimize pain and make healing easier after surgery.

We’re committed to using digital dentistry to enhance the lives of our patients. In our ongoing quest to make dental care more delightful, we strive to make each patient feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. Moreover, we believe the accuracy and efficiency of digital dentistry complements our warm, compassionate approach. We can’t wait to provide excellent care for you, Gastonia. Family dentistry and advanced technology go hand in hand. Book an appointment today!

Healthy Gums,
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Your dental impressions will be a breeze with iTero. We can’t wait to provide you with comfortable, accurate imaging and excellent dental care. Your oral health is essential; we’re here to make dental care more delightful. Book an appointment online or call us at 704.864.9949 to learn more about our intraoral scanner.

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